Open main menu β is a home for "openfree genomics projects" such as $0 Genomics project. aims to provide funding and resource to achieve free genomics in on Earth.

The idea of free genomics is that each genome is so critical to the owner, the government or companies

will pay for the cost of genome sequencing for everyone. Genome sequencing should be free and will become free.


Genome Equality Defining a human
The importance of decoding genomes  
Why genome information should be free in societies?  

The description of Free Genomics or Openfree Genomics.

Free Genomics Project is to achieve genomic equality for the health of all the people in the world regardless of their backgrounds.


In depth description of Free Genomics

Genome information from Personal Genome Project (PGP) is changing the world. The immediate benefits of genome information are in improved health. However, poor nationals have much less opportunity to understand their genetic/medical information. FGP(Free Genomics Project) is provide genomics software and data as freely as possible to everyone in the world.


The problems Free Genomice Project addresses

Open and free sharing of genome analysis software and genome data to people who have less privilages. FGP aims to provide genomic data and analysis tools free of charge to everyone.

Who will get the most benefit from Free Genomics

People who are not so rich or who are living in poor countries.


What are the initial steps

International projects and researchers who sequence genomes share their analysis software and important data through "openfree" scheme(such as "public domain")


How would we measure the success of Free Genomics?

The ratio of people who get genome information and processed/analyzed genome information in between developed and underdeloped countries becomes 1:1.


 "..... This is unfortunate when so many other groups have dedicated their results freely for the public good and the future of medicine. The genome is a vital part of us all, probably the most vital, and information about it should be freely available and must not become the private property of anyone, however rich. No other part of the human body has ever been committed to such selfish conditions and it seems completely immoral to try to place restrictions on such a vital part of humanity. ...."   -- Frederick Sanger, 2001


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